Where do you find all this information?

All the information used for our reports is mined from open online sources (e.g. Google), or from online platforms for which paid subscription is required. 

Can you find information on the financials of a company?

Possibly. It depends on whether they are published online. Such a feature would fall within the Due Diligence Plus on Demand product. Reach out for more info!

Please note that we are currently not offering a credit risk check. Thus, the financials will not come with an interpretation and/or rating.

Do you physically spy on these companies? Do you physically visit their address?

No. In fact, we find every information from the comfort of our office. There is a treasure of information online and we are the experts in looking at the correct direction in order to find it.

Can you find detailed information about a specific executive/staff of a company? How?

As part of the Due Diligence Plus report we list the management team/key executives of the company in question. We also make a research on any adverse media news on any of the executives. In case you want a more tailored information to be provided, this would fall within the Due Diligence Plus on Demand product.

We find this information after a thorough and targeted mining of online internet sources and social media. We find all this from the comfort of our office without physically spying on anyone. Thus, do not expect us to to find something not openly published. We cannot know the unknown!

What do you mean by "adverse media news"? What are you researching exactly?

Our research includes targeted checks of potential negative news published publicly about the company of your interest, including keywords such as Antitrust Violations, Bribery, Cartel Formation, Corruption, Cybercrime, Environmental Crimes, Fine, Fraud, Hacking, Illegal Distribution, Illegal Production, Insider Trading, Litigation, Market Manipulation, Money Laundering, Price Fixing, Scandal, Tax Evasion.

Where are you based and which countries are you serving?

We are incorporated in Greece. For more details about the company owning e-MITIS please visit our Terms and Privacy sections at the bottom, or drop us an email!

We do not have a specific restriction regarding the countries we are serving. For more information, please visit the Terms section, or drop us an email!

Can you find the same amount and quality of information regardless the country where the company is located?

Unfortunately, no. We rely on publicly available information and countries are different when it comes to 1) openness to allow information to be published online and 2) readiness to extensively publish information online.

Our experience shows that in certain countries, the information publicly available about companies is limited due to e.g. restrictions of internet usage, or increased internet control, or data privacy implications.

In case the company of your interest falls within this category, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Do you provide information about the UBOs (ultimate beneficial owner)?

Possibly. It depends on whether this information can be found online. Such a feature would fall within the Due Diligence Plus on Demand product. Reach out for more info!