You found a company located abroad and they are so cheaper compared to your current supplier! Being so cheaper is nice, but it’s also suspicious…Isn’t it?

Can you trust them?

There is a company abroad which wants to place a big order with your company! Great news! You have never heard of them though…Are they fraudsters or their interest is legitimate? 

Can you trust them?

e-Mitis is here to help you answer exactly this trust question!

Our main products are the Due Diligence Basic and Due Diligence Plus reports.

Due Diligence Basic focuses on quick turnaround time, while Due Diligence Plus gives you a more detailed report.

On demand, we may be able to add more compliance checks in the Due Diligence Plus package (e.g. checks on a specific executive of your business partner). 

Please see the details of our products in the Portfolio section.